Fair of the conservation, technology and promotion of cultural and environmental heritage - 18-20 SEPTEMBER 2019


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    The RESTORATION, MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL BUSINESS TRADE SHOW is the most important international event dealing with Economy, Conservation, Industry, Technology, Promotion of Cultural and Environmental Heritage. The XXVI edition begins in the best way with important news:

    • Date: The XXV edition of the Restoration, Museums and Cultural Business Trade Show will take place in Ferrara, from 18th to 20th September 2019.
    • The concomitance: the Restoration, Museums and Cultural Business Trade Show will be held in conjunction with RemTech Expo, the only permanent international event dedicated to reclamation of contaminated sites, environmental and natural hazards, safety, maintenance and upgrading of the territory, climate changes and circular chemistry. These two events have many similarities, which will be addressed during this partnership: from seismic to urban regeneration, from issues related to environmental protection to sustainable industry.
    • Human Resources: BolognaFiere (one of the most important European trade fair center), bought out the event management through Ferrara Fiere Congressi and entrusted it to Mr. Omar Marcacci, the Project Manager.
      Carlo Amadori, project creator and promoter of the Restoration, Museums and Cultural Business Trade Show for about 25 years, will hold the prestigious role of Scientific Manager and coordinator.
    • Benefit: Ferrara Fiere Congressi, as a welcome sign, will provide a series of advantageous, innovative and rewarding solutions for commercial and Institutional exhibitors.
    • B2B and internationalization: The main goal of the 2019 edition is to promote the economic dynamics between the companies participating and the potential reference customers, through matching moments between supply and demand both nationally and internationally.

    During the three days of the tradefair, the exhibition centre (completely renovated in appearance and services) will be completely occupied in all its six pavilions, for an unprecedented offer for the sector.

    The Restoration, Museums and Cultural Business Trade Show and RemTech Expo are proud of the prestigious title of international fairs through ISFCERT certification - Institute for certification of Statistical Fair data. Taking place at the same time, these fairs set the ambitious goal of attracting specialized audience (free entry upon online registration), thanks to the numerous conferences and important moments in the suggestive setting of Ferrara. The City of Ferrara, pearl of the Renaissance and Unesco site, will be the stage of flourishing cultural events dedicated exclusively at our exhibitors and visitors, within "Ferrara Aperta per Restauro".

    The convention, which has always been the pride of the show, will be remodelled in order to offer topics and interventions at the highest levels. Each exhibitor will always have the possibility to organize a meeting / workshop / seminar for a maximum of one hour.


    The promotion of the event will be completely revised and enhanced; taking advantage of new communication channels and thanks to the experience of Norma Waltmann of the communication agency "Culturalia", based in Bologna, specialized in art and culture.

    An important and prestigious cycle ended in 2018 but another one has already begun which, we are sure, will establish the role of the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF RESTORATION, MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL ENTERPRISES as the only annual international appointment in the cultural and environmental heritage.


    Filippo Parisini
    President and CEO of Ferrara Fiere Congressi 



    Project Manager: Omar Marcacci - Ph. +393405047250 - omar.marcacci@salonedelrestauro.com

    Organizing Secretariat: Ferrara Fiere Congressi - Ph. +390532900713 fax +390532976997 - info@ferrarafiere.it
    Coordinator: Carlo Amadori
    Franco Antolini
    Marcello Balzani
    Carla Di Francesco
    Alessandro Zanini